Jumbo Bobwhite Quail

Jumbo bobwhite quail grow to 12-14 ounces, over twice as much as the average wild bobwhite. They are perfect for use as a gamebird for hunting, eating, or for dog trial training.

$4.00 per bird
Ringneck Pheasant

Our pheasants adapt very readily to the wild and many people purchase them to stock their farms for fall hunting. Their meat has a dark wild taste but is very good. They are considered full mature at 23 weeks old.

$10.00 per bird
additional $1.00 per month after December
Chukar Partridge

Chukars are very hardy, strong flying birds about 3 times the size of quail. They are very good about staying in place until flushed. Chukars are considered mature at 16 weeks old.

$8.00 per bird
Specialty Birds

We grow specialty birds in a limited quantity. Please contact us for availability.

Large Orders

Please contact us for price breaks on orders of over 1000 birds.


Seven Pines will deliver your birds ( 500+ orders only) for a $.50/mile delivery fee.